Paying the Au Pair regularly is the basis of a good relationship between Au Pair and Host Family

What to do if you forget to pay your Au Pair

Being a Host Family for an Au Pair is an amazing opportunity for intercultural exchange and gaining a new family member. The Au Par lives in your house and spends a lot of time with you and your children. Of course, you should never take an Au Pair for granted. Taking care of your children is a huge responsibility. And it helps you a lot in your daily life.

It goes without saying that it’s mandatory to pay your Au Pair. But the pocket money is not only an obligation but a good way to show your appreciation. The Au Pair contract contains the amount¬†of money you pay your Au Pair. Needless to say, that you should behave accordingly and shouldn’t let the Au Pair wait for her or his money.

Of course, everyone can be busy sometimes and forget about important things. But paying your Au Pair on a regular basis is crucial for your relationship and the trust between both parties. Imagine how awkward and uncomfortable it must be to ask to be paid.

So before your Au Pair has to raise the issue, please make sure that you set one payday in the week or month so that you cannot forget about this. Use a calendar¬†or your phone as a reminder. In any case, the Au Pair shouldn’t be your reminder.

If it’s already too late and you forgot about the payment, talk to your Au Pair about it. Apologize for the delay and make sure that it never happens again. Remember that your Au Pair has rights, too. If she or he doesn’t receive the payment on time, your Au Pair could search for another Host Family who is more reliable.

An Au Pair is based on mutual respect and trust.¬†Please don’t forget that caring for your children is the Au Pair’s job, not her or his hobby. With this in mind, your Au Pair experience has the chance to broaden your horizon and become the best time in your family’s life.


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