Find your right Au Pair

How to find your future AuPair?

Many of you might wonder: what is the best way to find a suitable Au Pair? There is no general answer to this since the reply depends on your current situation!

If you are busy with your schedule, work full-time, are a single parent or have no support system – then hiring a full-service agency might be the best solution for you. It’s normal to be overwhelmed with searching for the right Au Pair since it includes paperwork, setting up a contract and maybe getting in touch with the embassy if your candidate will need a visa. So if you don’t want to deal with paperwork too much, if you want to have a guideline throughout the whole process, then we wouldn’t recommend any online matching platform. In this case, we would say no, is not a good website for your needs.

But if you enjoy looking for an Au Pair, if you want to be in charge of selecting the right candidate for you and your family and if you want to put in the effort and the time – then yes, there is no better option than a matching platform, for example! This website allows you to set up an individual profile where you can specify what you are looking for. There are many different features which work like a filter function. The more specific your search criteria the less candidate you will get in your search results. However, those candidates will definitely fit your criteria. You can even browse through all of the profiles for free!

When it comes to communicating with applicants the Host Family needs to pay a fee for the Premium membership. This membership allows the family to get in touch with each interesting candidate and to exchange contact information. In the next step, you can schedule a video interview via Skype for example or check his or her profile in social media.

Of course, there is another reason why so many people use in order to find their Au Pair. This is the financial side. Obviously, you get a great service out of a full-service agency. But the more service you get, the higher the costs. Agency fees can be around 700-900 € depending on our home country. In contrast to this is super cheap. 31 days of Premium membership only costs around 40 €. So the decision which way to go really depends on your life situation. Do you want to get a guide and invest money? Or do you want to be in charge of everything and invest time? It’s really up to you and your family’s needs. For those who would like to read some reviews of Host Families and Au Pairs, just click on the links!

We hope that you will find a suitable solution for your situation soon! 






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