How to help an Au Pair adapt in your family

You have chosen your Au Pair – congratulations! All the details are discussed, and now the day when your new family member has arrived. How to help an Au Pair adapt in a new place and circumstances? We have prepared some useful tips for you!

Prepare a Welcome Souvenir

Who doesn’t like gifts? It’s great if you find some time and make a gift for your Au Pair with your children. It may be kind of nice thing that will remain with the Au Pair after the program is completed – for example, a photo frame (where you can add your family’s photos with the Au Pair later), a child’s drawing, a bracelet, a hairpin and so on. Show your imagination, express your feelings and joy of accepting an Au Pair into your family – and adaptation will be much easier!

Make a welcome party

Prepare to spend your first evening with your new family member. Start cooking dinner together: show the Au Pair how your kitchen is arranged and where everything is located, and during the cooking process share family secrets of recipes that your family members especially like. After dinner, play a game that will liberate you – for example, Charades. Nothing brings you closer than having fun together!

Take a tour

You can also entrust this to the children! Let them take the Au Pair by the hand and take her/him to all corners of your house, explain where the parents’ bedroom, a shower and a toilet, where they put dirty laundry, and so on. Kids will be pleased to take on the role of an adult, and the Au Pair will be able to relax more and become friends with children.

Communicate in your native language

The Au Pair program is primarily a multicultural exchange, and its important goal is to immerse the participant in the culture of another country. The Au Pair is interested in everything about your culture and language – not for nothing that she chose you as her host family! Therefore, do not hesitate to communicate in your native language, be patient – for Au Pair this can also be stressful, however, over the time, in the process of learning a language, Au Pair will be able to maintain a conversation, and you will be the main reason for these positive changes!

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