The Au Pair’s bedroom – nice and comfy

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Many host families wonder how the perfect room for the au pair looks like. How big is it? What about decoration?

Before the au pair arrives, the host family has to prepare a room for their new member. For the most au pair programs the room has to fulfill certain requirements. It needs to have at least 8 square meters for example. That really is the size a room should have at least. Imagine that the room should be comfortable, so a bed should fit in there, a cupboard, maybe a desk with a chair or an armchair, and a small table. A TV would be nice too. So a certain room size is a must.

Nobody wants to sleep in a lumber-room. So the room should be open, light and clean.  The au pair should have the possibility to decorate it just as they like, so after a long day of watching the kids it’s nice to come back to the room, close the door and enjoy some time alone. For that reason it would be nice to provide the au pair with a TV and maybe some other electronic devices to use in their free time. In the past a DVD player would have been nice to have. Nowadays it would be nice to get a netflix account for the au pair to use, since not everybody likes to watch the TV program.

Anything that helps the au pair to keep the room clean can help, so think about a laundry basket too.

Of course you want your au pair to get up in time in the morning, so an alarm clock is necessary too.  A dresser with drawers, some lamps, maybe some candles, a calender.
You can combine the decoration of the room with a small welcome gift. You can either get things like candles, frames, and a calender or you give a gift basket that includes a gift card for a decoration shop.

Protect the furniture so you don’t have to get them new, everytime you get a new au pair. You can use a pad for the mattress, which can be washed, so the mattress won’t look all used after a year of having an au pair and it will be nicer for the new au pair.

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