Illegal streaming Of Movies And Shows – How To Deal With The Au Pair

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A comfortable evening on the sofa. Popcorn, coke, maybe some wine and chocolate. The new blockbuster is in the cinemas, but the au pair doesn’t feel like going out und streams the movie illegally on the internet.

On demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime offer a huge choice of movies. And while the number of DVDs that are being sold become lower, streaming platforms report increasing numbers of users. No annoying getting up and going to the DVD player, more space on the shelf and no discs without boxes that get scratches all the time. For cheap prices people get an extensive selection of movies. Some are newer than others, but there is definitely something for everyone.

A comfy movie night

After a long day with the kids, sometimes the au pair just wants to disappear in their room and relax. A movie would be perfect now and and since there is a new movie out, it would be great to watch it, before others go to the cinema. The au pair chooses to visit a website, that makes it possible to stream movies that are currently in the theaters. That’s illegal and the bereaved will be the host parents, when they get a letter of an advocat asking them to pay a fine.

Of course a situation like that should be avoided. Therefore it is very important to talk about this topic with the au pair. The host family is responsible for the internet and would be the one that get a penalty, when illegal activities occur through their internet connection.


We’ll give you some advice how to avoid, that the au pair uses those services.

  1. Access to the account of an on demand service like Netflix
  2. Blocking of websites for illegal streaming
  3. Communication about the consequences of the use of an illegal streaming service
  4. Write down in the contract that it is not allowed to use illegal streaming services and in case of violating that rule and the host family has to pay a fine, the au pair will be responsible to pay it.






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