The Advantages Of Having An Au Pair

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Many parents know the struggle. They have to go to work early in the morning, but at the same time they have to get the kids ready for kindergarten or school, Milk is being spilled, they have to change clothes again, they give their kids a ride and end up being late for work. How amazing would it be to have someone to help to get the kids ready in the morning, who picks them up from school and plays with them?

An au pair is the childcare solution for parents, that have to get their day organized around work, children and their activities.

Especially during stressful days an au pair in the house is great. Imagine that situation from above. Wouldn’t you be happy to have someone to help you in the morning? Maybe you tend to have migraines and can’t take care of the children during some mornings. But with an au pair you always have someone there who can give you a hand in difficult situations.¬†The au pair can use the time while the kids are at school to do their laundry, clean up their rooms, maybe vacuum the place a bit or use some free time. In the afternoon your live-in childcare can pick up the kids, help them with their homework, prepare lunch and plan some activities or give them a ride to other social activities.

A plus, and another plus, and another plus

Since the au pair is a young person from a foreign country the kids might love to have someone looking after them, who is not as old as mummy and daddy. Maybe they like to play around with that young woman or man and to have somehow an older sibling.
Also the new family member is from another country and brings a new cultural taste to the family. The kids get to know a different culture, maybe even have fun to learn a few words in the au pair’s language. The au pair can even introduce you to some traditional dishes. That’s a little bit like a vacation at your own dinner table.

But there are way more pros of having an au pair:

  • You have a childcare that the kids can really get attached to, because that person is probably going to stay for a year. So you get to know that woman or man and can count on them, when you are getting off of work a bit late. You don’t have to pick up the kids real quick to bring them to the e.g. the neighbors house so they can watch the kids, until you are done with work.
  • You have help in your household. Although the au pair is not there for cleaning, they will usually help you with the dishes or some light housework just as any other family member would do.
  • Costs! You save a lot of money with an au pair living at your house. Of course you pay the au pair a pocket money, food, accommodation and insurance, but still an au pair is less expensive than organizing a babysitter all the time, to pick the kids up from school or to watch them at night, when you would like to go out.
  • Flexibility: Of course the au pair has to stick to the language course schedule and on these days the au pair really can’t stay home with the kids. But in general you have a really flexible childcare. Even in an emergency you can know on their door and ask them o watch the kids real quick.

Yes, it is possible that you might see some cons of having an au pair too. you won’t have as much privacy as before and you will somehow have the feeling that you have to take care of that new person in your house. But soon the au pair will find friends and leave the house to meet them after she/he is done with work.

There are definitely more Pros to get an au pair than cons. Just try it!

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